Monday, 19 November 2012

An Alaskan Reflection

I've reached a significant moment in my exhilarating travels throughout America, completing 81 days in Alaska. But how best to recapitulate this adventure? How to sum up in words the degree of magnificence this 'last frontier' has provided me? What does Alaska now mean to me?

Since Day 1, Alaska has inevitably attuned the way I view the western world. It's not just another landmass on a planet; Alaska is an inspiration. An eye opener. A source of hope. It encompasses a pristine wilderness, supporting a bounty of flora and fauna. Despite it's fortunate scarcity of civilisation, it's selection of quaint settlements homes some of the most welcoming residents I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. These towns and cities are like ovens, emanating warmth to whoever is lucky enough to pass through them.

The population radiates the warmth in what, without it, is an austere climate; piercing cold yet simultaneously invigorating. It's a type of weather that tests the courage of any hardy traveller, and it inspires an inexpressible feeling of determination.
Alaska is positively saturated in culture and native tradition, ranging from amazing art and craft to grand music and awe-inspiring literature. Year after year, this state exhibits a wide array of work, some of international quality.
I have been comforted by some fantastic hostels, especially Billie's Backpackers Hostel in Fairbanks. How can a place which exhibits such a vibrant atmosphere that inevitably comes out of an all year round tourist season, have such a consistent atmosphere of affability and warmth? I have lived around some of the most interesting people that I have had the pleasure to meet in my lifetime; Billie, herself, is an embodiment of everything that's great about the population of Alaska. Warmth, soul, love and ceaseless compassion.

If anywhere in the world had to showcase just how diverse the planet can be, it's Alaska, in every possible way. I will obviously be sad to depart tomorrow, but somehow, I feel I'm coming back. I wish to wade through Alaska's unique and thriving wilderness, it's matchless regard of flora, fauna and human nature, it's revitalizing climate and it's energizing ethnicity. I long to explore more of all of this, but for now I must move on to enjoy the next paradise that this scholarship has got destined for me. 

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  1. this didnt require any comments
    your words say it all
    truly inspirational.

    much respect