Wednesday, 2 May 2012

We'll wear the weather, whatever the weather...

For those who are surprised about the weather the UK has experienced in the last few months, it seems a percentage of the population have forgotten their first school Geography lesson. The UK has a temperate climate.

It is part of this planet's make-up that makes us decide what to wear in the mornings. Yesterday, Norfolk experienced a period of high pressure; I dressed accordingly with a thin top and shirt. It was so hot that I even managed to slip in a sunbathing session in at lunch. Today, as I write this, my bus is dodging the pond-like puddles, formed from a night of constant wet weather. I am back to woollen jumpers and jeans!

The UK is situated in a temperate climate zone and should experience a wide range of weather. It is due to this meteorological diversity that we get such a vast array of wildlife. If anything, we should feel lucky to experience the odd shower or two.

But I do, in some ways, understand the anxiety. Predicting the long term weather in the UK is becoming difficult what with 'erratic' weather patterns. I've always agreed with the notion that the seasons in a temperate climate are constantly shifting. Maybe the rain that the country is experiencing currently will turn into an annual event. How long will it be before sunglasses and ice creams are sold in November, and umbrellas and gloves are the ‘norm’ for July?